InFi-EYE bot bans users that are related to unauthorized programs and
real money trading which includes sellers, buyers, users, users who join the related discord servers.
Also, the bot will ban users that abuse glitch, manipulate game file, abuse macro, and officially banned from the game by appropriate authority, such as publisher and developer.

The bot will echo important announcements or information sent by GM or emissary of each game.

The bot will log all voice channel activity.

The bot will mention users warned by the server for inappropriate behaviors including intentional team kill and scamming.

Escape from Tarkov: The bot will automatically recognize the username written in the user's Overall profile that is uploaded in #nickname-is-in-tune channel and assign "Verified" role in the server.

This function is exclusive for Pateron supports. Please contact MSI-InFi#3260 if you would like to use this function.

Warning You must be the owner or the highest ranked manger to apply the bot to the server.

All other managers or owners must acknowledge the application and the bot's purpose.

When the bot is applied and started, four chatting channels (warning-log, global-notify, nie-system, voice-channel-entry) and one role (InFi-EYE-Warning!) will be created.
More chatting channels can be created depends on the game's announcement setting.

The exclusive feature will create one chatting channel (#nickname-is-in-tune) and one role (Verified).

The created roles and channels can be re-organized it's location but the names of the roles and channels must remain the same.